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Xmas Gift Guide Galore

TNT Mag, popular amongst Londoners, Aussies and Kiwis, has just featured Gutterhead in their annual Christmas gift guide. Our adult party game is sandwiched between a delightful sex toy and some awesome looking Ray Ban-esque pair of sunnies.

Check it out: http://digitaledition.tntmagazine.com/christmas-gift-guide/

Excerpt: "Gutterhead Game - Whilst your head is still in the gutter from our last gift suggestion, we should mention this fab game which is sure to add a dollop of filth into your Christmas get-togethers. Think cards against humanity meets Pictionary with a splurge of smut on top.Perhaps not entirely suitable for family shindigs (unless you're a weird family who likes to sit around drawing spunky cocks and other obscenities) but a great game for dinner parties with good mates who won’t judge you for your filthy mind!https://www.gutterheadgame.com"

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