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Another awesome review from Virtual Wombat. Love it.

"Do you like board games? Are you a fan of Cards Against Humanity but fancy something new, naughty and with a bit of an artistic twist? Then Gutterhead may be right up your street! It's a hell of a laugh and a great fusion between an adult card game and Pictionary style gameplay.

This weekend we had a few friends come to stay for the Blizzcon celebrations. Between getting all geeky over the new World of Warcraft expansion and watching arena tournaments, we had time to test this beauty.

Gutterhead is for four or more players, but you'll be working together in teams to beat the opposition. So what's the object of the game? Be the first team to reach the finish square on the board by guessing the contents of a card drawn each round. Each coloured set of cards falls into a category that could be anything from an object (Like a err... *Cough*... Vibrator) to an action (Fisting anyone?) or a feeling.

The only clues you'll have come from the drawings your team mates jot upon one of the four included whiteboards. You'll take turns as the chosen doodler, doing your best to describe the contents of the card through the glorious medium of absolutely shit pictures.

The rounds winning team gets to roll the die, move their poop shaped playing piece to a coloured space and choose the correspondingly coloured card for the next round.

If the picture above say's anything, it's do not play with children. This game is intended for enjoying with your grown up friends and optional drinking game rules are included if you feel like spicing things up a little. Or a lot?

We encountered several occasions where the whole room broke down in tears of laughter at the images emerging. Plus a few where we were so baffled it took several attempts at getting a correct answer. It's great fun, an embarrassing window into the minds of your mates and best of all, different every time.

In fact, the naughty or nice cards (Pictured with the little devil logo) force one of your team mates to act out a given situation. I had to mime an erection at my wide-eyed wife and friends (perhaps a little too enthusiastically), while on another occasion our visitor from Holland found herself moonwalking across the living room.

Gutterhead adult party board game

So, fancy a game?"

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