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It started with hysterical laughter and ended with one of us, actually wetting ourselves...

Great review in Erisea Mag. Check it out below...

"Set to be the most popular game to be released this year, Gutterhead is incredibly funny, filthy and a fantastic party game that you will want to play over and over again.

The box tells you exactly what to expect from Gutterhead, but somehow when you play, you find yourself surprised. It really is a filthy game that seems to combine the best elements of Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity and Charades, leaving you with aching sides from the amount of laughter that ensues.

Played on a board, Gutterhead pits two to four teams against each other in a race to the finish line. Each team has a brightly coloured ‘Turd’ playing piece and to cross that line with your pet turd, you will have to roll the dice, dig deep into the most depraved parts of your mind, throw your inhibitions out of the window and get ready to show just how filthy your mind really is. There is no hiding in Gutterhead, if you want to win then you and your team need to release the filthy animal that dwells within you.

As your team travels around the board you will land of various coloured hexes, each one representing a different category –

  1. Blue – Person/Place

  2. Purple – Object

  3. Pink – Action

  4. Orange – Feeling/Sensation

  5. Cream – Naughty or Nice

As a rule, each category (except Naughty or Nice) is to be drawn on the whiteboards included, Naughty or Nice is to be mimed, but there is a variation rule that allows for Actions to also be mimed. Simply be the first team to guess what is being mimed or drawn and you win the turn and can roll the dice again.

A few examples of what you may have to draw includes Granny Porn, Bum Beard, Dogs Bollocks and Squirting! Miming takes on a whole new meaning with options like Porn Film, Nipple Piercing and Taking Steroids!


There are only a few rules and mostly what you might expect. No speaking or miming when you are drawing, you can’t annotate your drawing with words, but symbols and numbers are allowed. There is no time limit, so pick your team carefully, because you can sit there for half an hour guessing if your team can’t work out what you’re drawing and finally, our favourite rule is that you can take a sneaky look at the other teams drawings, you know in case you are no Picasso, or your team are a little dense.


When myself and my friends pulled the game out to play one night for the first time, we had no idea what was in store for us. It started with hysterical laughter and ended with one of us, (not me just for clarity) actually wetting ourselves when trying to mime Twerking. From that point on the game was just a blur of laughter, hyperventilating and tears of disbelief, shock and enjoyment.

This game is absolutely hilarious! Perfect for a night in with friends, providing they have a filthy mind , of course. It is definitely not one to crack out with Grandma in the mix, unless Grandma does a mean ‘slut drop!’ There will be terms in there you are shocked to find out people whom you hold dear in your heart understand, a few that you may need explaining to you and so many that will leave you gasping for air in the best possible way as you try to mime or draw them!

The game combines Cards Against Humanity with Pictionary and Charades in the best way possible. Surprisingly great fun and a definite winner when it comes to a great party game that pitches one team against another!

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