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We've just blown our Loaded

Chuffed to bits that our adult party game has received such an amazing write-up in Loaded Magazine - the magazine which consumed much of our pocket money during the late 90's and 00's.

Gutterhead adult party board game in Loaded magazine

If you haven't checked out Loaded since their re-launch in late 2015 then I suggest you do so now. The mag really does tread the perfect line between eye-catching click-bait and culturally significant news stories... I'll leave you to make up your mind where our filthy adult board game fits in that equation ;)

Here's the link for the full article.

Below are some of our favourite snippets:

"Picture the scene: it’s Christmas Day and the family are gathered in the front room frantically playing what looks like Pictionary; your uncle is stood there, desperately trying to draw something that looks a bit like a water fountain while everyone watches on. Suddenly, your grandma stands up and something unexpected happens – she shouts the words “golden shower!” and the room erupts in a mix of disappointment and celebration. That might seem like an unusual scenario to some but not Zak Walton, the co-founder of Gutterhead – the most hilariously twist adults’ game loaded has ever seen."

"With the cost of nights out continuing to rise, it’s also the perfect excuse to stay in with mates – particularly over the festive period... And if you are struggling to think of what to get someone this Christmas, what better gift than a game that gets people laughing over the concept of “morning glory”.

Sure beats the standard Christmas argument over Monopoly, doesn’t it?"

"Gutterhead - Way more messed up then Cards Against Humanity."

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