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the gutterHeads

Meet the creators

Hi all,


This is Kate and Zak, and we are the gimps who created Gutterhead.


For us, Gutterhead has been a hilarious accident. We never intended to create an adult board game. In fact, we were too preoccupied working our jobs in architecture and management consultancy to give the thought the time of day. Luckily, however, our friends and family were more gung-ho about it.


What started on New Year's Eve as a drunken idea for a better party game, soon became a cupboard full of handmade prototypes and dozens and dozens of hours playtesting with friends and strangers (thanks to all involved!). Eventually, we reached the point where we agreed we had a party game which Zeus himself would be proud to call his own, and at that stage, we pressed the button on our first order.


We really hope you have as much fun playing Gutterhead as we have had making it. Please get in touch if you have any great ideas or just want to let us know how you've got on with it, we'd love to hear from you.


All the best,


Kate & Zak




p.s. please don't do anything creepy with the photo of us. Neither of us wants to end up on one of those "buy a Russian bride today" websites.