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Hello, Cowboy.


We've tried our darndest to preemptively answer all your questions.


Search the FAQs using the icons or trawl through the entire list. Happy hunting handsome.


If you can't find what you are after then please email


Person playing Gutterhead

 1) Where can I buy Gutterhead? 


Good news, you can buy the game on this ruddy lovely website as well as on Amazon.




2) Can I buy Gutterhead if I live in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Somalia, Papua New Guinea, The Holy Roman Empire, or any other country that is not the United Kingdom?


Yes – you can buy Gutterhead if you live pretty much anywhere. Hooray for globalisation.


We currently ship to:

o UK (standard & express shipping)

o Europe (standard shipping - est. 3 - 7 working days)

o Australia, New Zealand & Rest of World (standard shipping - est. 4 - 10 working days)


If you're not sure if your country is covered then get in touch (psst, "Rest of World" means it probably is).





3) I don’t really ‘get’ your hilariously witty British humour and I don’t know words like “wanking”. When are you going to create a dumbed-down adaptation for my country? 


Hello American, we are working on it.


If you would like to lend a hand then email us. It would be great to bounce ideas off you and if you are lucky we may even give you some free stuff!


p.s. “Wanking” is vulgar British slang for masturbation.  



4) Are you making an expansion pack?


Yes. Be patient you.




5) I’m brimming full of filthy words which I think should be part of your game.


That’s not a question, but thanks for trying.


We’re constantly dreaming up expansion packs so we’d love to hear your filthy words and descriptions. If they are despicable enough to be chosen then we will reward you with a free copy of the expansion pack (that is unless we haven't already dreamt up the word you suggested).




6) I love your game and I want to start selling it in my store. Can I?


For you.... of course. Ping us an email us and let's discuss.




7) I hate your game and I want to give you some shitty feedback. Can I?


Good news, we have a special bin with your name on it. 


Only kidding... we appreciate all feedback, good and bad, so please get in touch and we’ll see if we can put a smile back on your breathtakingly beautiful face.



8) I bought Gutterhead because I thought I had a sense of humour however it turns out I was wrong. Can I return it and get a refund?


We’re not doctors so we can’t fix your funny bone, however, we will be more than happy to issue you with a refund so long as the game is unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. See our Refunds Policy for full details. 


If you bought off our website then please email to arrange the return. We are sorry to say that we will not be able to refund you for postage costs. 


If you bought off Amazon then you will have to get in contact with their Customer Services.




9) I bought Gutterhead for my 10yr old, the other school mums reported me to the police, and now I have a criminal record. It’s all your fault, can I sue?


No, don’t be silly. We make it very clear on all of our packaging that Gutterhead is for 18+ and we will not take responsibility for your bad parenting blunders.




10) My order never arrived. Help me.


Shit, our bad... we are really sorry about that and we will punish Horhay, our warehouse boy, accordingly. If you ordered through our website then send us an email at, include your name and order confirmation number and we will sort things out for you asap. See our Refunds Policy for full details. 


If you ordered through Amazon then please contact their Customer Services.




11) My order arrived damaged/missing parts. What do I do?


Oops, sorry. If you bought off our website then please email us at and we will try to right the wrong as quickly as possible. See our Refunds Policy for full details. 


If you bought off Amazon then you will have to get in contact with their Customer Services.




12) I’m scared of security. Are my details safe with you?


Don’t worry, we’ve got shit on lockdown.


All payments are handled by Paypal so you are in good hands.


We don’t store any of your card details and we promise we will never sell or share any of your personal details with third parties. 




13) I’m itchy down below and it hurts to pee. Can you help me?


Sorry dude, we make board games. Best contact a doctor. 


Thanks for the question though. You’ve inspired us to add “The Clap” to the expansion pack.




14) My question isn’t covered above.


Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Email and we’ll take it from there.