the fiendishly filthy drawing game

Buy Gutterhead now. The adult party game.

It's like the f***ed-up love child of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity


Do you want to make that dinner party, hen party or any other adult piss-up you're planning as hilariously memorable as possible?


Then Gutterhead, the fiendishly filthy adult board game is just for you. Guaranteed to have you wetting yourself with laughter, Gutterhead is so simple you can learn the rules in 90 seconds.


Scroll down to find out how to play your new favourite party game.

How to Play
Three, two, one...
All teams start drawing
First team to guess correctly rolls next
Step 3
How to play Gutterhead, step 3
Set up game board
Split into teams (min. 2 players per team)
Decide which team goes first
Step 1
How to play Gutterhead, step 1
e.g. he who pooed last, rolls first
Don't let anyone else see it!
Roll dice and move
Pick up and read card
Show card to one player from each team
Step 2
How to play Gutterhead, step 2
Person playing Gutterhead
Perfect for

Dinner Parties

Adult dinner party game icon

Boozy Socials

Drinking game icon
Hen party game icon

Hen Parties

Stag Dos

Stag do game icon

Family Xmas

Christmas party game icon
Person playing Gutterhead
Repeat steps 2 & 3
Keep going until the finish line
Be smug and heckle the losing teams
Step 4
How to play Gutterhead, step 4
Card Categories

240 despicable playing cards across 5 categories.

All teams play each round, so nobody is left twiddling their thumbs or scratching their balls.

Feeling / Sensation

Naughty or Nice


Person / Place


Gutterhead adult party game card
Gutterhead adult party game card
Gutterhead adult party game card
Gutterhead adult party game card
Gutterhead adult party game card
Customer Reviews



Events Planner, UK

Guaranteed to expose the naughtier side of your friends. More memorable than a night on the town and cheaper too.



Teacher, UK

You need this game if you're planning a party. Awesome fun, especially once the wine has been flowing. 



HR Director, UK

Brilliant fun. Played it at my best friend's hen party and it was so hilarious I had to go out and get my own copy.



Student, UK

Fantastic party game. My friends and I have created our own drinking rules and now we play it before any night out.

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