Comes with 240 hilarious drawing cards, divided across 5 categories. Rest easy in the knowledge that with this many cards your next game will be as uniquely filthy and funny as the last!

Feeling / Sensation

Naughty or Nice


Person / Place


"Incredible... we're so onboard"


We loved this game, it was really fun and kept us all laughing till 5 am!


- Chelsea


While games like Cards against Humanity lose their impact after a few rounds when the shock value wears off, Gutterhead has the right mix of gross humour and actual playability.


Would recommend, would buy again!


- Ben


The quality of the game is amazing. The cards are hilarious... The delivery was superb and very quick.

- Amazon customer


If you loved cards against humanity and want to take it one step further, buy this!! You get to draw the filth you think. Brilliant!!


- Amazon customer


 Absolutely hilarious game, never played anything like it... played the drinking game variation on the game which was an awesome touch.


- Thomas



You can wave goodbye to the wholesome days of Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble, and say hello to the side-splitting, profanity-riddled adult party game that is, Gutterhead!


Fancy getting a bit boozy? - we've got that covered too with a bunch of outrageous drinking rules to take things up a notch. 

Family Xmas

Stag Dos

Hen Parties


Dinner Parties


the fiendishly filthy party game

Gutterhead adult party game price
"If you LOVE Cards Against Humanity, you'll DIE over this"
- KIIS 1065


Gutterhead is the adult party game that's like the messed-up love child of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity.


Teams compete head-to-head. One player from each team draws the fiendishly filthy word on the card whilst their teammates try to guess it.


The winning team from each round rolls next and moves closer to the finish line.

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